This year we are bringing big changes to the Art & Wine Fusion festival.  The festival will be held in the beautiful Rheingarten Park in White Salmon. The festival will start an hour earlier than last year (2 PM instead of 3 PM) to give everyone more time to enjoy the festival. The earlier start, cool grass, big shade trees, options for electric power, a more relaxed set-up and take-down for vendors, and a lot of new activities will give everyone a richer, more comfortable, and more relaxed experience.

We happily welcome new vendors, and we’re especially happy to welcome back all past vendors that continue to attend every year.  It’s always great to know that you’ve all done stellar sales at this event in the past, and we expect an even better return this year!  It is important to note that vendors must be set-up and all loading vehicles removed from the park by 1:45 PM on Saturday, July 22nd to make way for our arriving guests. Set up will begin at 11 AM on Saturday and take down will begin at 10 PM.  If you want to join in the last hour of event you can close your booth @ 9 PM BUT you will NOT be allowed to remove it before 10 PM. You can also take down on Sunday July 23 in the AM (no security will be provided for items left Saturday overnight). NOTE: No Refunds will be honored  after June 15th, 2017.

GOOD NEWS THIS YEAR: For Artists, Crafters, Tradesmen who don’t have a general Insurance liability policy, you can now get 3-day insurance for our event via ACT insurance for $39. For details, after you submit your application, please visit must receive your insurance confirmation before July 15th.  

Online Artist/Vendor/Exhibitor Registration

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Artist/Vendor/Exhibitor Registration (PDF)

Click here to open/download a computer-fillable PDF Artist/Vendor/Exhibitor Registration & Waiver Form  Registration Fee: $60.00 before June 15th, $75.00 thereafter. No Refunds will be honored after June 15th, 2017.